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After more than 24 years of regular meetings of the Swiss Neonatology Group, the Swiss Society of Neonatology was founded in 1995. The society's goals are to foster neonatology in Switzerland, improve the quality of neonatal care and represent the interests of newborn infants in the public.

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Annual Meetings of the Swiss Society of Neonatology

Looking back at the 2018 meeting in Berne

The 2018 Annual Conference of the Swiss Society of Neonatology addressed Hot Topics in Neonatology, including pros and cons of new, less invasive respiratory support strategies such as high ow nasal canula and less invasive surfactant administration and the use of stem cell therapy in perinatology. Young pediatricians and neonatologists as well as nurses, midwives and obstetricians actively participated and presented their research.

Webcasts and Abstracts 2018

Hot Topics in Neonatology

Webcasts 2018    Abstracts 2018 

2018 Awards of the Swiss Society of Neonatology

1st Annual Humanitarian Neonatology Grant - Thomas M. Berger, Sabine Berger (Lucerne)
NEO FOR NAMIBIA - Helping Babies Survive
Improving neonatal respiratory support at Rundu State Hospital

Fred Bamatter Award - Anita C. Truttmann (Lausanne)
Research topic: Neonatal brain injury and autophagy

Best short presentation - Giancarlo Natalucci et al. (Zurich)
Two-year outcome of extremely preterm infants < 26 weeks of gestation born in Switzerland: is intensity of perinatal care associated with increased neurodevelopment impairment?

Best poster presentation - Tonja Restin et al. (Zurich)
Fetomaternal transfusion syndrome as a cause of severe neonatal anemia

Case of the Year Award 2017 - Odalys Alfonso Deliz et al. (Rundu, Namibia)
Life and death of a butterfly child born in a resource-limited country

Case of the Year Awards

Next Meeting 

2019 in Aarau - save the date!

The 2019 Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society of Neonatology will take place in Aarau on January 22 and will address New Challenges in Perinatal Medicine.

Past Meetings

Starting in 2017, the presentations have been recorded and are made available as webcasts.

Webcasts and Abstracts 2017

Challenges in Perinatal and Neonatal Infectious Diseases

Webcasts 2017     Abstracts 2017

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