Authored by the Swiss Society of Neonatology


Pulse oximetry screening for congenital heart disease in neonates
Balmer C, Beauport L, Niesse O, Arlettaz R

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Care and resuscitation of the newborn - 2017 Revision of the Swiss recommendations
In alphabetical order: T.M. Berger, V. Bernet, J.-C. Fauchère, B. Laubscher, M. Fontana, L. Hegi, A. Malzacher, P. Meyer, V. Muehlethaler, M. Nelle, R.E. Pfister, M. Roth-Kleiner, S. Schulzke

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Recommendations for term and near-term infants at risk for perinatal bacterial infection
In alphabetical order: C. Berger, E. Giannoni, J. McDougall, M.Stocker

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Perinatal care at the limit of viability between 22 and 26 completed weeks of gestation in Switzerland - 2011 Revision of the Swiss recommendations
In alphabetical order: T.M. Berger, V. Bernet, S. El Alama, J.-C. Fauchère, I. Hösli, O. Irion, C. Kind, B. Latal, M. Nelle, R.E. Pfister, D. Surbek, A.C. Truttmann, J. Wisser, R. Zimmermann

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Prevention and therapy of hypoglycemia in infants with a gestational age above 34 0/7 weeks in maternity wards
In alphabetical order: T.M. Berger, S. Das-Kundu, R.E. Pfister, R. Pfister, M. Stocker, U. Zimmermann

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Evaluation and treatment of hyperbilirubinemia in near term/full term neonates (gestational age of at least 35 0/7 weeks)
In alphabetical order: R. Arlettaz, A. Blumberg, L. Buetti, H. Fahnenstich, D. Mieth, M. Roth-Kleiner

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Care of infants with a gestational age between 34 and 37 weeks
In alphabetical order: P. Baeckert, C. Bigler, H.U. Bucher, V. Büttiker, P. Donati, M. Nelle, H. Malzacher, R.E. Pfister

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