Authored by the Swiss Society of Neonatology

The board of the Swiss Society of Neonatology regularly reviews the guidelines and determines which guidelines are to be revised and sets an appropriate time frame. In 2020, the board developed a document entitled "Guidelines for Guidelines" (see below) in an attempt to promote a more uniform approach to the development and structure of the guidelines (responsible board member: Dr. Monica Ragazzi).

Guidelines for Guidelines

Care and resuscitation of the newborn - 2023 Revision of the Swiss recommendations
In alphabetical order: T.M. Berger, J.-C. Fauchère, R. Kothari, K. Held-Egli, I. El Faleh, S. Melchior,  V. Muehlethaler, R.E. Pfister, M. Schuler-Barazzoni, M. Ragazzi, S. Schulzke, A. Steiner, B. Willi

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Care of neonates with hyperbilirubinaemia

Fontana M, Hagmann C, Meng-Hentschel J, Roth-Kleiner M, Zoubir S, Wolff M

German (PDF) French (PDF)

Red blood cell transfusions in the newborn

Arlettaz Mieth R, Barrielle L, Hegemann I, Konetzny G, Rüegger C

English (PDF) German (PDF)French (PDF)

Prevention and treatment of hypoglycaemia in neonates with a gestational age from 35 0/7 weeks in maternity wards
In alphabetical order: S. Das-Kundu, J. Fontijn, M. Mönkhoff, R. Neumann, G. Szinnai, S. Schulzke

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Pulse oximetry screening for congenital heart disease in neonates
Balmer C, Beauport L, Niesse O, Arlettaz R

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Recommendations for term and near-term infants at risk for perinatal bacterial infection
In alphabetical order: C. Berger, E. Giannoni, J. McDougall, M.Stocker

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Perinatal care at the limit of viability between 22 and 26 completed weeks of gestation in Switzerland - 2011 Revision of the Swiss recommendations
In alphabetical order: T.M. Berger, V. Bernet, S. El Alama, J.-C. Fauchère, I. Hösli, O. Irion, C. Kind, B. Latal, M. Nelle, R.E. Pfister, D. Surbek, A.C. Truttmann, J. Wisser, R. Zimmermann

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Care of infants with a gestational age between 34 and 37 weeks
In alphabetical order: P. Baeckert, C. Bigler, H.U. Bucher, V. Büttiker, P. Donati, M. Nelle, H. Malzacher, R.E. Pfister

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