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Reset password function 

Make sure your account was set up with the address you are trying to reset the password for. 

If you do not have access anymore to the account your profile on neonet.ch was created with, and you forgot the password, please ask your regional office to change your email address. You might want to consider using a private email address instead of a work address. In case that new email address was used to invite you to a course, the regional office will have to go through ICT to have them change your profile. This can take a few days. The regional office may set a password for the account so you can login. 

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Access to course documents

1. Please check if you did the course registration and received a confirmation (junk/spam). 

2. Please check if you login with the email address that you received the confirmation. 

3. Once logged in, the course will show in your profile. If it doesn't you are not registered or you did not login with the same email that you registered with.  

Links do not work?
Hospital’s firewalls can cause trouble accessing via a link in a message: Please visit neonet.ch, start4neo directly. If the page is blocked, please try from outside your hospitals network or contact your ICT to add neonet.ch to the safe list. 

We do not communicate in your language German, French, Italian? If you signed up for the correct course, please check and correct your profile settings.

Your certificates are stored in your profile once you completed ALL required steps (pre-evaluation, course attendance 100 %, post-evaluation). If you did not complete post evaluation within 90 days after course, your certificate will not be issued. 

Your name does not appear correct on your certificate: please login, correct your profile, and download your certificate again. Troubleshoot: delete cookies.