Annual Meetings

Starting in 1985, the Swiss Neonatology Group started to organize bi-annual meetings to discuss topics relevant to neonatologists. These included scientific presentations, organizational issues, political interventions and the development of national guidelines.

In 1995, the Swiss Society of Neonatolgy was founded and continued to organize the bi-annual meetings. As of 2009, to justify the costs and to improve attendance only one annual meeting has been organized. In 2017, the presentations were video-recorded for the first time to make them available as podcasts.

The lists of topics and presentations of theses meetings provide an interesting insight into the history of neonatology in Switzerland.

Swiss Neonatology Group 1985-1995 Swiss Society of Neonatology since 1995

In 2017, for the first time in the history of our meetings, all the presentations have been filmed by the Swiss company Klewel and as a result, you can easily play back online all the presentations from any device, with the slides in high quality always visible, navigate through the slides and search by keywords appearing both in the slides and in the speech. Simply click on the link below!

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