How to become a member

Ordinary membership in the Swiss Society of Neonatology is open to all pediatricians practicing in Switzerland who are regularly involved in the care of neonates. Extraordinary membership is open to all physicians who do not qualify for ordinary membership. In addition, an associated membership was introduced in 2007 open to nurses, midwives, physical therapists and other allied health care professionals involved in the care of newborns.

Membership application
Applications should include a curriculum vitae and a letter of recommendation from a member of the Swiss Society of Neonatology and should be addressed to the president.

Prof. Matthias Roth-Kleiner
Division de Néonatologie
Departement de Pédiatrie
Av. Pierre-Decker 2
1011 Lausanne
Phone: 021/314 3223


The statutes of the Swiss Society of Neonatology have been published in German and French and are available as PDF files. They were last revised in January 2016. 

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