Fred Bamatter Award 
for clinical and basic research in perinatology

Every two years,  the Fred Bamatter Award is presented at the Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society of Neonatology. The aim is to reward clinical and basic research in Perinatology. The perinatal period should be taken in the widest sense of the word, including the prenatal (embryo and fetus), birth, postnatal and follow-up periods.

Professor Fred Bamatter (1899-1988) was an outstanding clinician, teacher and researcher. During his lectures, he always tried to link clinical practice to scientific knowledge. Thus, the priority will be given to researchers who attempt to make the same link.


To download a brief CV of Prof. Fred Bamatter, click on the link below:

Curriculum vitae  

Fred Bamatter Award 2023

Candidates, Swiss citizens or researchers living and working in Switzerland, are invited to submit their application including a motivation letter, a CV and the list of publications to the email address listed below:


Submission deadline: December 31, 2023

The winner of the Fred Bamatter Award will be honored with CHF 20'000.00. She/he will be invited to give a short lecture as an overview of her/his research at the 2024 Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society of Neonatology .

Prof. Dr. med. Sven M. Schulzke
Président de la Fondation Prix Fred Bamatter



Award winners in the past years


Fred Bamatter Award 2021
Olivier Baud (Geneva)
Research area: Vulnerability of the developing brain and its potential to restore

Sven Schulzke (Basel)
Research area: Respiratory physiology and evidence-based approach in neonatology

Fred Bamatter Award 2019
Dirk Bassler (Zürich)
Research area: Evidence-based approach to bronchopulmonary dysplasia

Martin Stocker (Luzern)
Research area: Medical education and antibiotic stewardship

Fred Bamatter Award 2017
Anita C. Truttmann (Lausanne)
Research area: neonatal brain injury and autophagy

Fred Bamatter Award 2015
Sven Wellman (Basel)
Research area: perinatal stress and neuroprotection

Fred Bamatter Award 2013
Matthias Roth-Kleiner (Lausanne)
Research area: lung development and bronchopulmonary dysplasia

Fred Bamatter Award 2011
Riccardo E. Pfister (Genève)
Research area: fetal lung liquid secretion and clearance

Fred Bamatter Award 2009
Jean-François Tolsa (Lausanne)
Research area: pulmonary hypertension

Fred Bamatter Award 2007
Romaine Arlettaz (Zürich)
Research area: pulse oximetry screening and congenital heart disease

Fred Bamatter Award 2005
Peter Gessler (Zürich)
Research area: regulation of neutrophil function

Fred Bamatter Award 2003
Bernhard Frey (Zürich)
Research area: critical incident monitoring

Fred Bamatter Award 2001
Thomas M. Berger (Luzern)
Research area: oxygen toxicity and bronchopulmonary dysplasia

Jean-Claude Fauchère (Zürich)
Research area: cerebral oxygenation

Fred Bamatter Award 1999
Constanze Barrazone-Argriffo (Genève)
Research area: lung disease

Fred Bamatter Award 1997
Research Group of Prof. Hans-Ulrich Bucher (Zürich)
Research area: near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS)

Fred Bamatter Award 1995
Christian Kind (St. Gallen)
Research area: human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)

Fred Bamatter Award 1993
Claire-Lise Fawer (Lausanne)
Research area: neonatal follow-up

Fred Bamatter Award 1991
Anna Elisabeth Lipp-Zwahlen (Zürich)
Research area: computer tomography

Fred Bamatter Award 1989
Jean-Léopold Micheli (Lausanne)
Research area: oxidative metabolism

Heinrich Fricker (Aarau)
Research area: humanitarian projects

Fred Bamatter Award 1987
Jean-Marie Matthieu (Lausanne)
Research area: neurochemistry of myelinization

Fred Bamatter Award 1985
Daniel Halpérin (Genève)
Research area: child abuse