Unit accreditation by the CANU

The CANU (Committee for the Accreditation of Neonatal Units) was appointed by the board of the Swiss Society of Neonatology and charged with the task to define minimal requirements for high standard of neonatal care and to attribute levels of care to Swiss neonatology units.

The current members of the CANU are:

Philipp Meyer, president
Matthias Roth-Kleiner
Dirk Bassler
Maren Tomaske
Juan Llor
Marion Mönkhoff
André Kidszun
Mark Adams, technical advisor and data manager

A list of accredited units can be found here:
Neonatology units    PICUs

These units are required to fill in an electronic survey indicating their annual data; this must be completed by March 15 of each year.
Electronic survey 

The responsible heads of Swiss units that have not yet been evaluated can request access to the electronic survey from the president of the CANU by e-mail (KD Dr. med. Philipp Meyer). 

The revised version of the Standards for Levels of Neonatal Care in Switzerland (including Appendix I: Minimum Requirements and Appendix II: Absolute Requirements) were developed by the members of the CANU in 2017/8 in order to consolidate the information from previous documents and eliminate discrepancies and published 2019. 

Standards for Levels of Neonatal Care