Training requirements

The training requirements to obtain subspecialty certification in neonatology have been published in German and French and can be downloaded here from the SIWF/ISFM homepage:

German (PDF)   French (PDF)

Candidates who finished their training after June 30, 2015 must document their training in an e-log book. Details about the e-log book as well as the login can be found on the SIWF/ISFM homepage.

e-log book (web) 

Subspecialty training abroad must be recognized by the Swiss Medical Association (FMH - FMS - FMS); it is strongly recommended that this confirmation is sought prior to beginning subspecialty training in a foreign country. For details, see


Initiated and run by Mathias Nelle (Berne), Jean-Claude Fauchère (Zurich) and Riccardo Pfister (Geneva) neo4neo is a training program for future neonatologists. Its principal goals are:

To offer junior doctors interested in developing a career in neonatal medicine or taking care specifically of neonates, state-of-the-art interactive teaching on key topics of Neonatology and Perinatology and to establish close relationships between trainers and trainees as well as between trainees.

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Postgraduate course in neonatology for pediatricians

The Swiss Society of Pediatrics, in collaboration with the Swiss Society of Neonatology, has defined the contents of a structured postgraduate course in neonatology. This course is mandatory for all pediatricians in training and is organized on a local basis.

Courses outline - German (PDF) Courses outline - French (PDF) 

Targeted Neonatal Echocardiography

With the recognition that serial echocardiography is useful to assess neonatal hemodynamics during transition and in severely ill neonates, a working group with representatives from the Swiss Society of Neonatology and the Swiss Society of Pediatric Cardiology have adapted the European recommendations on targeted neonatal echocardiography (TNE).

TNE short - German (PDF)TNE short - French (PDF) TNE long - English (PDF)